Denton Bach Society

Any intern with the society would be welcome to participate musically. Our Director of Membership Services is also a soprano in the Denton Bach Choir. Our DBS Orchestra is comprised of early music professionals with a few students. Male singers are always needed. Musical participation might even include soloist options, but those are solely by audition with our Music Director, Dr. Alfred Calabrese.

Internship 1 – An intern to serve as the Director of Public Relations.

This is a brand new position we would like to develop. A Director of Public Relations would be responsible for coordinating and overseeing the production and dissemination of all public information regarding the Society's activities. The duties of the Director of Public Relations "shall include but are not limited to distribution of posters, press releases, and news stories, and coordinating cooperative efforts on behalf of the Society with other community groups, as well as with local media and the universities." This position would be guided and supervised by the President of the board. For 2016-18, Helen Reikofski serves in this position. She is an alum of the College of Music, earning my D.M.A. in vocal performance in 2015. Helen have served on many boards as president and board member, such as the DFW Area Chapter of NATS, Colorado State MENC Student Chapter, the Denton Light Opera Company, and others, and is currently an AGMA delegate (American Guild of Musical Artists- the union of opera singers, directors, dancers, and stage management affiliated with the AFL-CIO) at The Dallas Opera. She has extensive experience communicating with town and gown, employers, colleagues, students, and business owners.

Internship 2 – An intern to assist the Director of Membership Services. 

According to our bylaws, this director has the  responsibility of maintaining the Society's membership records and conduct all correspondence on behalf of the Society regarding membership. Additionally, the duties of the Director of Membership Services "shall include, but are not limited to, developing and printing concert tickets, programs, and the annual membership brochure, coordinating the annual membership campaign, and editing, printing, and distributing the Society's newsletter."  

Our board Secretary is also serving as our Director of Membership Services, and would be the direct mentor and supervisor of this intern. Vicki Falkner Jones is a UNT alum, holding a Bachelor of Music Education, a Master of Music degree, and has recently 'retired young' from her position as Northwest High School's Choral Director. The major tasks involved in Spring Semester for a Membership Services intern would include developing the program for Concert 3, scheduled for April 1, planning the season brochure for distribution in June for Season 2017-18, helping to evaluate and proceed with our newly begun option of buying our tickets online through Prekindle, and examining how to move forward with a possible online version of a society newsletter.  A student well suited for this position should be able to word process program content, edit for punctuation, style, and the visual presentation of baroque repertoire, along the same standards used by Linda Strube for programs at UNT. The Concert 3 program will include ad placement, similar to what the intern will see in programs 1 & 2.

Internship 3 - An intern to assist the Director of Development.

According to our bylaws, this director "shall be responsible for continuing to broaden the financial base of the Society's artistic projects. The duties of the Director of Development shall include but are not limited to development of specific annual fundraising projects, identification and contacting of potential donors and sponsors, and application for grants."

Our board Treasurer is also serving as our Director of Development and sings tenor in the DBS Choir. John Andrews is a very successful businessman with over 50 years of experience in business for profit as well as non-profit management. Additionally, he has vast experience conducting audits for St. David of Wales Episcopal Church, and has written or developed grant applications with detailed financial understanding. John is now mostly retired and wishes to share his knowledge, and support new blood taking on Development responsibilities.

An intern working in Development would be a part of our spring semester application for a grant from GDAC and could seek other grant applications to pursue, such as the Denton Benefit League and/or state or national level grants. We have no plans for a fundraiser in 2017 other than North Texas Giving Day, and would wish to work with the intern, the director, and the board to plan one.