Kyle McKay

Master of Music in Clarinet Performance
The Musician's Bookkeeper
Interview Text: 

1. ​What’s the venture you’ve recently launched?

The Musician’s Bookkeeper—  Bookkeeping, tax preparation, and financial guidance for the musician.
Clarinet Consultant—  Dealing in hand selected & crafted clarinets: helping the clarinet community find their voice.

​2. How did the UNT music entrepreneurship program help your business come to life?

UNT’s music entrepreneurship program offers amazing resources, networking opportunities, and seminars that have really stretched my abilities and allowed me to succeed. Dr. Claure has introduced to the music community, here at UNT, amazing guest lecturers that have really sparked and encouraged me to launch my ventures!

​3. ​What’s your favorite part of music entrepreneurship here at UNT?

The atmosphere created in Dr. Claure’s seminars: it really is quite a unique environment. You can really feel the creativity in the room— everyone has a unique perspective and it truly is a rich learning experience!

​4.​What’s your advice for students who don’t know if they have the time for the music entrepreneurship coursework, in addition to everything else they have going on?

I would say that I know what its like to feel like you have to practice 6 hours a day and then go and do music theory and history homework. Getting a degree in music is hard. However, it is not impossible to do all the requirements and pursue entrepreneurial endeavors. To be a musician in the 21st century means that you have to be an entrepreneur. The giging musician is a business of 1. Any and all skills learned through the program, here at UNT, will only help musician’s navigate their career path— allowing for a more rich and diverse set of skills and career options.