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Start Your Own Business in Denton - Resources

Stoke Co-Working Space and New Business Incubator. Mentors available with membership. Located in Denton.

Small Business Development Center Free access to mentors and workshops on starting or growing your business. Located in Denton. 

SCORE Free access to mentors and workshops on starting or growing your business. Located in Dallas. 

TWU's Center for Women in Business Provides the tools for start-ups to succeed, including training, fundingadvising and networking opportunities for prospective business owners and students. Located in Denton. 

Off-Campus Performance Opportunities for UNT Students

42 Revenue Streams for Artists

Resume and CV writing tips from Eastman School of Music

Resume and CV tips:

Applying for Music Teaching Positions in Higher Ed from New England Conservatory of Music 

New England Conservatory of Music's Entrepreneurial Musicianship Guidebook

Cover letter tips created by Developing Employability (Dawn Bennet)

From Stoke Denton: 5 Tips for Starting a Business in Denton

Promote and Market Your Music ( course playlist)

7-hour selection of courses on music marketing and promotion including content on songwriting, music industry, online platforms, music copyright law, recording, management, rights and performance contracts, bookmarking sites for musicians and bands. Click here.

Become a Music Business Entrepreneur ( course playlist)

15-hour selection of courses on becoming a music business entrepreneur. Click here.

Music Law Research Guide

This guide provides resources relevant to legal issues commonly faced by artists and the music industry, such as copyright, licensing, and antitrust law.

Music Salaries (From Berklee College's Music Careers in Dollars and Cents)

Copyright Quick Reference Guide

Provides basic information on copyright law.

UNT Money Management Center Guides

Travel Support for UNT Students

Each College of Music Division has a limited amount of money to help students offset the cost of travel for competitions and other major musical endeavors. Students can apply for online travel funding via

NAMM University (Music business tutorials with emphasis for music retailers)

"IndieGoGo is a crowdfunding resource that is free for users to register, to create a campaign, and to contribute to a campaign. When a campaign raises funds, Indiegogo charges a 9.0% fee on the funds raised. If a campaign reaches its goal, it gets 5.0% back, for an overall fee of 4.0%. If a campaign fails, the user recieves the funding raised, minus the 9% fee. Registered 501(c)(3) nonprofits receive a 25% reduction in our platform fees."
Project creators set a funding goal and deadline. If people like a project, they can pledge money to make it happen. Funding on Kickstarter is all-or-nothing — projects must reach their funding goals to receive any money. All-or-nothing funding might seem scary, but it’s amazingly effective in creating momentum and rallying people around an idea. To date, an impressive 44% of projects have reached their funding goals.
RocketHub is a crowdfunding resource launched in January 2010 that enables user to create campaigns, set targets, and accept contributions. Unlike KickStarter, projects that do not reach their funding goals by the deadline are able to keep the collected funds. There are no upfront costs with RocketHub. The site does collect a commission (4% or 8% depending on whether or not the campaign was successful) and credit card fees (4%).

A service of New England Conservatory's Entrepreneurial Musicianship Department, Bridge: Worldwide Music Connection provides online access to 3,000 opportunities in music and arts administration. Their subscribers are taking their careers to the next level by connecting with the auditions, teaching positions, administrative positions, competitions, grants, scholarships, and festivals they find posted here fresh each day.
Gig Salad is the marketplace for event talent and services, providing the ultimate booking experience for both the talent and the buyer.
"You know you want to do something good, but have no idea where or how to start. Search for volunteer opportunities, events, and other concrete ways to get involved. Make sense of your options using our resource centers. Connect with organizations you support, and see what they're up to. You have an idea for a project, but need some supporters before taking the leap. Connect with like-minded people—you're not alone! Connect with a related organization or start your own. You want to make a career out of doing good. Search job and internship listings, and sign up for Email Alerts to receive a daily digest of new opportunities that match your criteria. Connect with people and organizations you're interested in, and get your name out there. Consult our publications for career advice. You want to recruit people to work with or join your organization. Create an organization page to increase your online presence. Post jobs, action opportunities, internships, volunteer opportunities, and events. Connect with volunteers, donors, and supporters of your organization."
"Business Council for the Arts (BCA) encourages the growth of organizations by engaging businesses and business leaders in arts and culture. Additionally, BCA provides leadership training that brings business skills to the arts community by developing board members and identifying “Best Practices” for serving on boards of directors. Moreover, BCA programs such as ARTsPARK aid in the engagement of our general population and introduce new audiences to the arts. Benefits to arts organizations from BCA programs: Board member training and placement Consulting in areas such as arts administration, accounting, marketing and law Matchmaking of project needs and business services Increased visibility in and volunteerism from the business community Recognition for outstanding arts and cultural leadership and business partnerships Systemic tools for organizational infrastructure to strengthen and sustain area arts"
"Access to over 2500 audition opportunities published each year. See last year's breakdown for more details. E-mail alerts and reminders for upcoming deadlines. Tracking tools including personalized calendar, expense tracking and auditors. Notifications when auditions and contracts have been offered to other singers. Mobile friendly version upload profile and audition materials for use across multiple applications."

CD Baby is the largest online music distribution company for independent music. They offer a host of artist services including physical and digital distribution, warehousing and shipping of CDs, DVDs, and vinyl, affordable web-hosting and design, download cards, disc duplication, and more.
TuneCore Music Distribution can put your music on 80+ of the most popular music stores so your fans can listen to you all over the world. They get to hear your songs on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play.... Upload your music today, and before you know, you’ll be heard around the world.

Social Media
Hootsuite is a social media management system that allows users a single interface to manage their social media and digital media marketing efforts. Current integrations include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, MailChimp, Tumblr, and YouTube.
Over a billion people use Facebook to connect. Many businesses take advantage of Facebook pages as a major part of their social media presence. Through Pages, Facebook provides the ability to target audiences based on their location, age and more, host events, create surveys, post media, etc. Integrations with other social media platforms and social media management software allow businesses to streamline communications efforts.
LinkedIn is currently the largest professional networking site with over 300 million members. Through its system of profiles an connections, users are able to exchange information, post and find jobs, and endorse other users' skills. Employers sometimes take the opportunity to review the LinkedIn profiles of job applicants, hoping to gain additional insight into the applicants background that might not be readily available from other application materials. The site restricts the ability of members to add contacts (requires an existing direct or closely related indirect relationship).
Twitter is an online social networking service with more than 500 million users. It offers services to business to help create/manage a Twitter presence, grow a follower base, extend the reach of a website through the use of Twitter, increase fan engagement, and finding business leads.

Streamlining: Tools to save you time and money
" Fractured Atlas helps artists run their businesses more efficiently, with more, better resources at their fingertips, allowing for more time, energy, and money to be dedicated to making art. Fractured Atlas is non-curatorial. They do not discriminate, nor do they judge an artist's output."
MailChimp is an email marketing service that allows users to create and manage email marketing lists, create digital marketing campaigns, and measure results of such campaigns using built-in analytics software. Integration of campaigns with social media platforms is available. Pricing is terraced, with users with fewer than 2,000 subscribers allowed to use the service for free.
Music Teachers Helper is a web-based application for managing the business aspects of a musician's teaching studio including invoicing, credit card payments, financial reporting, scheduling, lesson reminders for students, score lending reminders, etc. The service also allows users to create customized studio websites and provides for student/parent login to the calendaring system.
Vistaprint is an online supplier of printed and promotional material and marketing services to micro businesses and consumers, specializing in print on demand products. Vistaprint offers various printing formats with a user design interface.
Texas Accountants and Lawyers for the Arts (TALA) was formed in 1979 to help meet the legal and accounting needs of artists and arts nonprofits across the State of Texas. TALA volunteers throughout the state handle more than 350 matters per year. This amounts to more than six hundred thousand dollars annually in donated services to the arts and cultural community. TALA’s pro bono legal and accounting services are offered to artists from all creative disciplines, including visual artists, musicians, actors, dancers, film makers and writers. Over 600 attorneys and accountants volunteer their time each year, assisting in legal and accounting matters that might otherwise remain unresolved and unrepresented. Also see: California Lawyers for the Arts ( and New York Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts (

Own a Franchise from School of Rock


American Federation of Musicians

College Board

Communities Foundation of Texas

Dallas Foundation


Graduate Fellowship & Grant Opportunities
This database contains graduate student funding opportunities in the arts & humanities, with sublistings for grants with the Andrew W. Mellon and William J. Fulbright Foundations, the later overseen at UNT by UNT-International.

Institute of International Education

International Education Financial Aid

International Scholarships

Majoring in Music

Mobility International

PEO International Scholarship



Sallie Mae

UNT Student Financial Aid and Scholarships

-Sample Awards from Listings Above

American Association of University Women

Austin Community Foundation Scholarships

Dallas Foundation Scholarships

Dallas Jewish Community Foundation Scholarships

Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities

Hispanic Scholarship Fund

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation

John D. O’Bryant National Think Tank Merit Scholarship

Korean American Scholarship Foundation

Pan American Round Tables of Texas

Pride Foundation (LGBTQ students from Pacific Northwest)

Ron Brown Scholar Program

Stars Scholarship Fund

Conferences and Educational Programs
The Arts Entrepreneurship Educator’s Network offers a conference, readings, job listings, and more.
Midem is a large international conference focused on the music industry. If you can’t attend the conference, check out the YouTube channel, which is full of videos on topics like building a successful marketing campaign and making a living in the digital world. Find the channel here:
The National Arts Marketing Project, a program of Americans for the Arts, is dedicated to helping arts marketers acquire and implement sophisticated marketing, technology, and entrepreneurial skills to increase earned income through greater audience engagement.

Johns Hopkins Peabody Institute’s Music Entrepreneurship and Career Center offers information on writing promotional materials, building a website, and interviewing tips.
This website is full of tools, resources, and information on building a successful and profitable career in the arts.
This website, created by David Cutler, includes a blog and thousands of links to resources such as networking, jobs, and funding opportunities.
Founded by Lisa Canning, who has started a variety of businesses, this website is full of relevant articles and blog posts on starting a small business. Most articles are written by Canning, with some contributions from guests, as well.
“SEA is a program geared towards helping emerging visual, performing, literary, and media artists gain the resources and connections they need to be successful self-employed artists. Programming includes conferences, workshops, panel discussions, webinars, competitions and more.  Within these events there are a variety of activities including keynote presentations, artist-led sessions, one-on-one mentoring, round table discussions, networking events, as well as creative releases such as a gallery reception, create room, and improv.”
This site is designed to help musicians with aspects of running their own business. They offer a course on the topic, as well as other resources. The YouTube channel run by Steve Rennie, who started the site, has a variety of videos on aspects of the music business. Find it here:

Berklee Online’s YouTube channel, while not specifically focused on entrepreneurship, does have several helpful videos on topics related to music business, such as “Best Practices for Online Music Marketing with Mike King” ( and “Music Industry Entrepreneurship with Peter Gotcher and Roger Brown” (
All About Jazz is site produced by jazz advocates, jazz professionals and web technicians. Their mission is to provide information and opinion about jazz from the past, present, and future. Thinking both globally and locally, AAJ delivers reviews of jazz from around the world as well as interviews international musicians. We approach the music from four continents, including ten cities in the US alone. It’s a great way to get visibility for your business.
Funding for the development of Artists House Music has been provided by the Herb Alpert Foundation. The foundation devised the idea for an online, non-profit musicians’ Website where all musicians can receive informational support, guidance, and expert resources to help them navigate the challenges and maximize the opportunities available to them within the music industry. The site offers information about the planning, marketing, production, legal, and educational components of an independent artist's career.
Since 2000, we provide our international network for arts and business. The website and our newsletter became popular among professionals in the arts and the creative sector. With its global perspective, our network is a valuable resource for academics, students, researchers, regional and national authorities, business people and journalists. Please feel invited to browse through the various collections for articles and features on books, courses, conferences and web resources. Feel also invited to send us your feedback or contributions to make this independent network even better.
The overall focus of the Berklee Career Development Center is on music career management, helping students access resources and activities available to them and applying them to their own individual career paths. Through their Youtube channel you can find records of their semester events about Networking, Music Business and Professional Development.
Practical Information and Real-world Answers to Career Questions for College Students. The site includes job search guides, a resume gallery, links to professional associations by industry, as well as access to advice from their career coaching staff.
Advice, insight, profiles and guides for established and aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide. Home of Entrepreneur magazine.
The Harvard innovation lab is a new and innovative initiative fostering team-based and entrepreneurial activities and deepening interactions among Harvard students, faculty, entrepreneurs, and members of the Allston and Greater Boston community. While not focused specifically on entrepreneurship in the arts, the i-lab videos offer a wealth of information on starting a business and developing business concepts.
"For more than a century, members of the American Federation of Musicians have enjoyed access to one of the most important sources of information affecting their livelihoods. Published monthly and distributed to more than 80,000 Federation members, International Musician provides vital news of legislation affecting musicians, audition notices, industry news, features about activism and labor organizing campaigns, and spotlights featuring the activities of their colleagues. Union members aren’t the only ones who can take advantage of the resources found in the pages of International Musician. Subscribe now to stay on top of the latest developments in the music industry. Important resources covered in the pages of IM each month include book and software reviews, new product spotlights, health topics, instrument sales, audition notices, and an extensive classified advertising section."
This site offers career advice, free resume critique, professional job postings, and job alerts. serves instrumentalists and singers who strive for excellence. Along with the 350-page book The Musician’s Way by Gerald Klickstein, the resources on the site help musicians to: enhance practice and performance skills, overcome performance anxiety, foster creativity and motivation, collaborate effectively, learn about the music industry, boost health & prevent injuries, build music careers, and enjoy lifelong music making.
"Funded by a gift from the Symphony Orchestra Institute (founded in 1994 by Paul R. Judy), the Eastman School of Music has established the Orchestra Musician Forum. It offers students and young professionals the opportunity to engage and interact with their peers. Over time, other activities directed to the Forum’s mission might be pursued."
"Springboard for the Arts is an economic and community development organization for artists and by artists. Their work is about building stronger communities, neighborhoods, and economies, and they believe that artists are an important leverage point in that work. Springboard for the Arts’ mission is to cultivate vibrant communities by connecting artists with the skills, information, and services they need to make a living and a life. Their work is about creating communities and artists that have a reciprocal relationship, where artists are key contributors to community issues and are visible and valued for the impact they create. They do this work by creating simple, practical solutions and systems to support artists. Those programs support their goal to help create a local culture movement."
The Texas Music Office (TMO) is a state-funded business promotion office and information clearinghouse for the Texas music industry. The TMO assists more than 15,000 individual clients each year, thereby meeting its legislative mandate: "Sec. 485.004. Promotion; Duties. (a) The office shall promote the development of the music industry in the state by informing members of that industry and the public about the resources available in the state for music production." The TMO is the sister office to the Texas Film Commission, both of which are within the Office of the Governor.