SAE: UNT Student Artist Entrepreneurs

The UNT Student Artist Entrepreneurs (S.A.E.), launched in the College of Music last fall, now has student members from the College of Business, the School of Journalism, and others. 

Mission Statement:

UNT Student Artist Entrepreneurs (SAE) exists for two main reasons: 1) we SAE something to each other during our monthly networking collaborative community meeting to form partnerships, develop ideas, and create businesses, and 2) to SAE something to our surrounding community, region, nation and world about who we are as artists, what we can do to enhance the lives of all we come in contact with and how we can solve problems with our art. We are a community within a community designed to offer support and encouragement to our members, and to offer viable & valuable arts-related businesses to our community.

During the academic year, we meet bi-weekly at the College of Music's Graham Green Room. During our meetings, our members network with each other about arts-related business and entrepreneurship ideas. The goal is to support each other and make friends that could turn into business partnerships. Also, we will hold fundraising events throughout the year to use toward innovative programmatic performances in the Denton Community and to bring in guest speakers to our monthly meetings periodically. We believe that UNT has much to offer regarding music business and entrepreneurship academically and so SAE is a compliment to that where students can put to work what they learn in the classroom at a practical “street” level. The bar and the golf course is where many deals and partnerships are made (according to Bruce Broughton and others) so this organization fulfills that need and provides an avenue for UNT students to meet and innovate and encourage one another in our artistic endeavors.

Become a Member:

To sign up, please create an account at OrgSync search for "Student Artist Entrepreneurs", and send a request to join! Membership is open to ANY UNT student. Join for networking opportunities, social events, fundraising opportunities, mentorship and monthly meetings all geared toward launching arts-related businesses.


IS: a UNT student organization

DOES: meets monthly off campus for members to network and support one another in artistic endeavors as well holds fundraising events and innovative programming performance ventures throughout the year

MEANS: UNT students have the support and street-level resources they need to make their artistic dreams a reality


Arts Startups to Successes

On May 24th, SAE presented an off-campus event hosted at the Greater Denton Arts Council. During this event, SAE members showcased their student-led businesses and invited local arts entrepreneurs to present their businesses. They also organized a networking event after the business showcases to develop closer relationships with the already established arts entrepreneurs in Denton.

Watch the live stream video:

Arts Startup To Success Photos