Sofar Sounds: DFW

Sofar Sounds (or Songs from a Room) is a programme whose members sign up to it in order to be invited to a private concert. The ethos behind this is that highlighting headlining acts encourages people to turn up late and not respect the other performers. All genres are welcome to apply to perform. Local city leaders and their review teams curate the evenings.

Internships will consist of a variety of activities designed to assist the Director with the following tasks:

  • Customer Service - Fielding questions, problems, and concerns from audience members, artists and Sofar Ambassadors.
  • Gig Curating - Booking artists, venues, and extras that create a unique Sofar gig experience.
  • Marketing - Increasing the outreach of Sofar through non-traditional marketing techniques, partnerships, and social media campaigns.
  • Recruiting Ambassadors - always seeking out new ambassadors to the branch and growing the local community
  • Maintaining Brand Culture & Community - Finding and creating unique ways to spread the Sofar project and make the branch more than just a live music source.
  • Music Discovery - Continually having a finger on the pulse of new and emerging music, locally and nationally. Listen to everything and always have open ears to new music.
  • Creative Solutions - Constantly thinking and implementing creative solutions to objectives above.