2018 UNT Innovative Music Programming Competition

The goal of this competition is to encourage students to create compelling and interactive musical programs that engage audiences, cross musical genres, foster interdisciplinary collaborations, and push boundaries. The winner(s) of this competition will earn the opportunity to perform off-campus at the Greater Denton Arts Council on November 29, 2018, will receive a $250 monetary award to promote the concert and attract an audience, and will be featured on UNT’s music entrepreneurship’s website and social media platforms.


The competition consists of a preliminary and final round.

Preliminary Round:

● Each musician or ensemble will submit a three-minute video pitch including the following three elements:
○ One minute: Include a video excerpt from your musical program
○ One minute: Describe why your program is innovative
○ One minute: Explain your marketing plan to build an audience for the event on
Nov. 29th
● Your marketing plan description should concisely describe how you would use the allocated prize money to promote your program and attract an audience (during the allotted three-week time period)
● This video application does not need to be of professional quality. You can use an iPhone or laptop camera.

How to Apply:
● Upload your 3-minute video to YouTube and submit the link (do not submit the video file) along with your name(s), ensemble name, and contact information via the form below by October 15th, 2018.

Final Round:

From this pool, up to three finalists will be selected to perform an excerpt of their program in departmental on October 31st. The finals will also be live-streamed via the entrepreneurship program’s Facebook page for a chance to gather audience votes.
● Each of the three finalists will have six minutes total. Each group needs to include the following three elements:
○ Perform an excerpt from your musical program
○ Prove why your program is innovative
○ Explain your marketing plan
The winner(s) will be selected by the audience. The audience will vote in real time (in person and/or via Facebook Live) between 11am - 11:40am central time (subject to change).


● Ensemble can be any size or format
● All participants must be UNT students
● At least one member of each ensemble must be in the College of Music. This student must assume the leadership role in the concert programming and application (i.e. the music student must be featured in the concert program). For the video and live pitch, this student is required to explain his/her ensemble’s innovative programming as well as the marketing plan.
All students enrolled in any MUCE course and Senior Recital Capstone Course are highly encouraged to submit a 3-minute video application and will receive extra credit for submitting an application.

Details for the November 29th Concert at the Greater Denton Arts Council:

● The total program must be between 50 and 80 minutes, including any opening/closing remarks or additional features
● The concert space has access to the following:
○ grand piano, speakers, mic, projector, projector screen, lighting (white lights), stage
● Speaking to the audience is highly encouraged The Greater Denton Arts Council has generously donated their space in support of UNT’s Career Development and Entrepreneurship in Music program

The Greater Denton Arts Council has generously donated their space in support of UNT’s Career Development and Entrepreneurship in Music program


Application Deadline: October 15th, 2018
Live Final Round: October 31st, 2018 (during music entrepreneurship departmental)
Winner’s Concert: November 29th, 2018 at Greater Denton Arts Council

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