Undergraduate Courses

Career Development in Professional Music (MUCE 4000)
An exploration of how to create a successful music career in today’s workplace, this course is intended as a workshop customized to the needs of each class member, designed to assist each student in defining career goals. Guest lecturers provide insight into various aspects of successful career building including the development of promotional and business tools, the expansion of freelance opportunities, the development of a positive professional reputation, and networking. 

Jazz Lecture Series (MUJS 3470/5460)

Each spring semester, the jazz lecture series brings acclaimed artists to campus to speak, play, and answer students' questions. Each session includes performance as well as discussion of musical and career-development topics. For a complete list of series guest artists since its inception, visit: http://jazz.unt.edu/jazz-lecture-series

Senior Recital Capstone (MUAG 4710/4711/4712 | MUJS 4720 | MUCP 4195)

This course marks the culmination of students’ academic, musical, and artistic growth over the course of their undergraduate career. The lectures, class assignments, guest presentations, and readings are designed to help students build career-development skills that will support their senior recitals as well as their future musical careers. In addition to assignments that support communication, critical thinking, and social responsibility skills, students will create promotional tools such as an artist portfolio, a demo video, a website, and a recital marketing plan.