Dallas Asian American Youth Orchestra

Areas where we can provide training as well as opportunities where interns can make an impact:

Nonprofit Management – growing and succeeding as a small nonprofit, developing smart workflows and processes, developing short/long term plans strategic plans.

Stakeholder Engagement – communication and relationship building with students, parents, the musical community, sponsors and other stakeholders and how this translates into success for the nonprofit.

 Learning from and assisting our conductors in various aspects of leading and conducting an orchestra as well as interaction with strings and winds students ages 6-18 in four different groups.

Main Mentor

Nien Hsu (Administrative Director). Nien has a background in strategy and communications and has experience working in both large and small corporate settings in the United States and abroad. Professionally fluent in Chinese, he is responsible for the management of the orchestra and applies a multi-cultural management viewpoint to the orchestra.

Interns will also have the opportunity to learn from and assist our conductors, who have a variety of strengths and experiences as music educators at both the secondary and university level. Interns will also have the opportunity to interact and observe music students ages 6-18 in all four of our orchestras.